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Our Services

Mikky PUBLICATION provides a variety of services to its clients and collaborators, including Research Publication - in-house journal, Research Publication - with collaborators, Research Guidance, Conference Proceeding, Authorship position, Research article writing assistance, DOI services, OJS services, Web Development services, Digital Marketing services, and Copy Editing and Formatting, etc.


Other Services

Research Guidance

We are a well-known research assistance and article publication agency comprised of a team of professionals capable of providing precise end-to-end research and consultation services in publishing journals for academic researchers. Authors have only a hazy understanding of how research publications work. These authors receive genuine guidance and, if necessary, proper proofreading.

Conference Proceeding

We host virtual meetings and hybrid conference proceedings to allow our authors' questions, concerns, recommendations, comments, and opinions to be discussed with our panel of experts using various web technologies such as Google Meet, Skype, Teams, Zoom, and others. Authors may interact with our expert panel in any way they see fit.

Authorship position

Each author does not have a financial source for their research articles. We've received requests from authors who have funding but are unable to produce papers, as well as authors who can produce articles but lack the funds to publish them. Regardless of position, we value and prioritize authors from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Multiple authors can thus be added to a single research publication, which can then be published online following mutual discussion and agreement.

Research article writing

We offer ghostwriting services in which the writer's name is not included in the author list of the article. Simply put, ghostwriters assist authors who require pre-written material for publication. We can serve as a go-between for ghostwriters and authors who need to prepare an article for publication.

DOI services

Using our Digital Object Identifier, DOI services, particularly Crossref & DOI numbers, we have significantly aided scholarly articles in their identification and tracking. A DOI is a string of numbers, characters, and symbols that is used to identify a journal article, issue, document, or volume and provide a permanent online address (URL). A DOI can assist our authors in quickly locating a document based on your reference.

OJS services

OJS, or Open Journal Systems, is a system for organizing and publishing scientific publications. This is a free and open-source software platform for managing and publishing online scientific publications. Everything from creating a journal website to operational activities such as author submission, peer review, editing, publication, archiving, and indexing is covered.

Copyediting and formatting

We offer Copy Editing and Formatting to our clients, ensuring that your content is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, jargon, punctuation, terminology, and semantics. Our editorial team ensures that the researcher's proposal is presented in a clear, succinct, and easy-to-understand manner during copyediting.